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Thank you for helping me celebrate the first installment of the Kitty Mansion children’s character development series.

In this day and age where bullying has become so predominant, I felt it was important write a book where even the youngest could understand how bullying is wrong.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born an “Army Brat” in Fort Eustis, Virginia to a Dad who was from Pittsburgh, PA and a Mom who was from Cali, Colombia.

My Dad loved everything Hispanic, so when it was time for us to move we usually ended up somewhere in Latin America. I grew up in New Jersey, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, North Carolina, El Salvador, Panama, and graduated from the Uruguayan American School in Montevideo, Uruguay with a class of 6 people!

One of the scariest time of my life, was when we were evacuated from El Salvador because of unrest and we had to leave my Dad behind.

I have been lucky to have traveled to every continent in the world except Australia. Perhaps one day I will write a book inspired by my life of moving about.

Today, I divide my time between Portland and Michigan with my wonderful husband Steve, who colored in my kitty characters. I have two beautiful daughters Logan and Taylor and an amazing Granddaughter, Haley Scarlett, who bring me so much joy.

I work as a ventriloquist going to different schools and libraries throughout the Midwest and Pacific Northwest with educational shows. I believe that education is so important to the youth of this country. I’m very lucky to being a small part of partnering with teachers to help the children grow in learning with fun, and unique ways.

I hope Dibs Doi, The Bully Boy inspires children to learn to share, be kind, and avoid being a bully.



  1. Where do you get your ideas for writing your book? Dibs and his brothers and sister are my actual kitties at home.


  1. Did you do the illustration yourself? Yes and no. I had fun drawing the pictures of them and having my husband Steve color them in because I was too scared to mess up my pictures.


  1. Where did you get the name Dibs Doi ? I love nicknames and rhyming. Dibs is his actual name but I love playing around with it.

  1. When did you get interested in writing? I have been writing plays and stories ever since I was a kid. I have always loved inventing stories using things around me.


  1. Did you write kids' books right from the start? No. I actually wrote an autobiographical screenplay first, but since I’m such a kid and most of my ideas are childlike, children’s books were a “purrrfect” fit.


  1. Do you enjoy writing? I love it. It’s challenging for me. I do love a challenge.


  1. IS it hard for you? Only when I’m not inspired.


  1. Do you have any advice for people who want to write? Write from the things you know. Use what surrounds you to inspire you.


  1. What did you read when you were a kid? Anything spooky. I loved books on sharks and dinosaurs too. It took me a long time to start reading. I was afraid reading would take away my imagination.


  1. What did you like to do when you were a kid?

Same things I like to do now. Entertain people by performing whether it’s by singing, dancing, acting or ventriloquism and magic.


  1. What is your favorite book? Good question! I have loved so many books. I really enjoyed the Series of Unfortunate Events.


  1. Are you excited about your next book? Absolutely. My heart in this series is to help children learn great character traits to help them grow to become the best they can possibly be. Stay tuned for Sugar, The Lazy Boy.