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Any one of these high energy, educational shows will make your assembly eVENTful!










Grade Levels:K-6

Topics: Reading, Imagination, Theatre Arts, Turn Off TV Type of Show

Type of show: Ventriloquism, Magic, Reading, Imagination 

 Variety Show Travels To: The West and Pacific Northwest

The Reading Pirates vs Super Griffin is PERFECT FOR READING MONTH!

If you are looking for a unique reading assembly program to offer your elementary students, then The Reading Pirates is the program you have been looking for.

 Presented by renowned children's and school show entertainer, Vikki Gasko Green, The Reading Pirates  is a show that gets students excited about reading, while exploring the magic of imagination and the treasures in books.

In this fast paced, laugh-a-minute assembly show, The Reading Pirates, Captain "Hooked Off Phonics", Captain Computer Game, Admiral TV and Pirate Put-It-Off are trying to steer kids from the joys of reading a good book. Vikki, a master ventriloquist, brings all these colorful characters to "life" during the show as the students help to get the pirates to sail off into the sunset. The finale of the show includes a skit performed by the students that is fueled by their imagination. Fun reading topics included in this assembly program include: • Set aside time to read • Growing your imagination with a book • Reading for fun • Turn off the TV • There are "treasures" in books • Using non-fiction books to learn something new • Fiction vs. Non-Fiction This action packed, 45-minute reading assembly show is available exclusively to public and private elementary schools in the West and Pacific Northwest. September, October and March are the most popular dates for this program, and we recommend that you plan early for the best choice of dates.

 "What A Talent! You made learning Fun! Thank you for promoting reading in such a FUN way! " - West Leonard School

"Your performance was very impressive. Please come again. " - Caldershaw School - U.K.



Grade Levels:K-6

Topics: Anti Bullying, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Safety and Friendship Skills

Type of Show:Ventriloquism, Magic, and Comedy

Travels To:The West and the Pacific Northwest.


Vikki Gasko Green and her cast of colorful and entertaining ventriloquist characters will bring an important stop bullying message to your students with the Friendship Skills and No Bullies Show. This program is designed to entertain, educate and engage students through a mixture of ventriloquism, comedy, and audience interaction and participation.Throughout this fast-paced program, Vikki weaves important messages about Friendship, how to deal with bullies, and how to make sure you don't become a bully, into her comedy and ventriloquism routines. Anti Bullying and Friendship topics discussed during the show include:

  • The importance of self control
  • The traits of good sportsmanship
  • Respecting one another
  • Magic words and phrases: please, thank you, your welcome, Excuse me, I'm sorry, and I forgive you.
  • Accepting differences / cultural acceptance
  • Conflict resolution
  • What is a bully?
  • Stop bullying behavior
  • Being a good friend and teammate

This educational elementary assembly program is designed for grades Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. It can be presented as a whole school assembly, or divided into lower and upper elementary programs for more focused presentations.The Friendship Skills and No Bullies Show runs about 45 minutes and is completely self contained with everything needed for a successful assembly.


"This show was soooo good. I had so much fun!" - Clairmont Elementary School - Brooklyn Library. 

"This year was good, there was a real show of talent, but the year before there was Vikki Gasko!" - Chicago Reader


The Friendship Skills and No Bullies Show is available for schools in the West and Pacific Northwest. It can help elementary schools meet state, city, and country requirements for anti-bully / bully prevention curriculum in schools. This no bullying assembly program is very popular and dates book up very quickly during the school year. *discounts for block booking this no bully assembly program are available







 Grade Levels:K-6

Topics: US and World Geography facts, rainforests, european countries, continents, equator 

Take A geographical adventure throughout the world with the talents of ventriloquist Vikki Gasko Green and her "cast" of international characters, The Global Safari Show is an elementary Geography assembly that takes students on an imaginative adventure around the world. As Vikki takes students on their Global Safari, native animals from exotic continents (Vikki's amazing ventriloquist characters) share secrets, stories and interesting facts about where they are from. There is lots of comedy interaction with the audience, fun props, and magical moments as students learn interesting facts about the continents, discover the smallest country in the world, travel to the highest and lowest points on earth, and find out if penguins live with polar bears. As with all of the school assembly programs  Vikki has to offer, Critterography: It's a Global Safari! is a "teacher approved" blend of entertainment and educational content. The Global Safari Show reinforces elementary grade level Geography topics, including:

  • Latitude and Longitude
  • The Equator
  • The Arctic vs. The Antarctica
  • Asia, South America, North America
  • Rainforests of the World
  • Population
  • Herbivores/Carnivores/Omnivores
  • Endangered Animals

Whether you are planning programs for a large school in Washington or Oregon or a rural school in the tristate area, The Science of Critterography: It's a Global Safari show will be one of the easiest assembly shows you have brought into your elementary school. Vikki brings her own sound system, her cast of ventriloquist animal characters, and everything she needs for the show. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show with your students.

"This program tied in perfectly with our school theme of 'traveling the seven continents. We look forward to having you back and are happy to recommend your show." -Verellen Elementary School, Essexville, Michigan